"We believe a hunt is about more than a filled tag"

Thanks for an awesome hunt.  Wow, two trophies 
 for me and my dad and memories that will last a lifetime.

 Dr. Bob McKinney

Thanks for everything you have done to make this trip the best I have ever been on!  Tanner, from the great hunt crawling on my knees, it all paid off! Thanks a million!  Tara, man the food was better than anywhere I have ever ate before!  Yall are special and thanks for everything!


The Rio Rojo motto "there's more to a hunt than filling a tag" is so true, especially here, because yall make it so special.  There's plenty of places I still want to go, but as long as you'll have me Rio Rojo stays atop my return/repeat places.  Thank You,


Awesome, totally awesome!  The hunt, the guiding, the food, everything was top of the line!!  Thanks for the memories and I hope the friendship.  We will be back!  Good luck with your future plans and God Bless!  See ya next year.

Todd and Scott

The hunting and facilities were great, your attitudes and hospitality even better.


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