"We believe a hunt is about more than a filled tag"

Quail Hunts

Southwest Oklahoma is known for being one of the last strongholds for wild Bobwhite Quail in the country.  All of our birds are 100% wild.  Our hunts are semi guided.  This means we take you to the hunting area, explain property lines and likely covey locations, and let you hunt from there.  The full package hunts include 3 meals per day, so groups typically break for lunch and then head out to another area for the evening hunt.  We have over 12,000 acres to hunt so you will likely never hunt the same property twice.  We survey the population during the summer and then determine how many hunts we will book.  We try to never over book so that properties do not become "hunted out".
     We offer full package hunts which include all meals and lodging, as well as day hunts which only include hunting access.  NO DOGS are provided with either option.  We suggest having at least 2 dogs for a 2 day hunt and 4 or more if you hunt more days than that.  You may hunt as many days as you like with a 2 day minimum.

Hunt Price Per Person:

Full package: $300.00 per day
Day Hunt: $150 per day